Breeding Sheep

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Breeding Costs

Breeding costs may vary as the economy evolves, but the core ingredients for breeding have always been the same:

Required Example Amount
Grass 5,000
Wool 4,000 + Breeding fee set by Barn Owner
Energy 275 per parent

For current breeding costs, please reference the Wool Paper on the official Wolf Game website.

Breeding Basics

  • To breed your sheep, move your sheep close to a barn and while your sheep is selected, click the barn. Remember you will need 2 sheep to breed.
  • Breeding is on a timer, the longer you can go into the breed, the more max-energy you will earn, but there's an energy ceiling of 750 for each breed.
  • Breeding is divided into 2 phases: Courting and Nurturing
  • At 50% complete (the start of the Nurturing phase) the Gen2 sheep can be pulled from the barn and minted.
  • In the example here, my sheep would have a max energy of 612, if I pulled him from the barn. If I leave him inside the barn, I can keep growing the max energy until it hits 750.
  • If your breed isn't protected by a farmer, then you are risk of a wolf raiding your barn, and losing the sheep entirely.
  • If a wolf attacks an unprotected barn during the Courting phase, then the wolf receives chops instead of a Gen2 sheep. Example - a sheep is at 275 energy but is still in the courting phase, if a wolf attacks, the wolf would get 275 chops (1:1 ratio of chops to energy).
  • Read more about Farmer Protection on the Farmer Strategy page

Breeding Strategy

Your breeding strategy may change over time as the economy evolves. For example, as chop value increases against resources or wool, barn raiding usually becomes a lot more popular. This is because the "prize" for a successful raid has a higher return.

Farmer Gaps

Protecting your breed 24/7 can get expensive, especially if you're renting from the Farmers Market. Adding gaps between your farmers allows you to have protection when you want/need it most. Just remember, the longer the gaps, the higher the risk.

Farmer Rental Strategy

Getting your farmer cooldowns to line up perfectly for when you need to use them can be a challenge. This is where the Farmers Market comes in handy. You may want to rent out all your farmers, then use that wool income to rent farmers for your self when the time is right. So for example, if you have 10 farmers, you may rent them all out, then use that wool to rent 10 farmers throughout the month when you need them most.

Barn + Community Selection

Not all barns are equal. First of all, higher barn levels may deter wolves because it requires them to spend more energy when they attack. A rule of thumb for me is to only breed in level 3+. Also, higher community defense levels make it more expensive for wolves to attack. You can use the Game Explorer to see which communities have higher defense levels as shown below. also provides good tools for identifying the best barns on the farm.