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Pelts Utility

Pelts are required for level 4+ structure upgrades. The higher level structures require more pelts than the lower level structures. Here's a brief overview of pelts required for each structure type at each level:

Structure Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7
Valley Barn 2 3 5 6
Valley Bath 0.5 1 1.5 2
Peak Den 10 15 20 30
Peak Bath 1 2 3 5

Pelts can be acquired by two methods: 1) buying directly in the AMM and 2) burning wolves. The alpha level & max-energy of the burned wolf will determine how many pelts you get from burning. The exact formula is as follows:

Pelts = (Wolf🐺 Max Energy⚡ / 1000) * Wolf🐺 Alpha Score

Burning Wolves

To burn a wolf, click on the main menu and then select "sacrifice wolf". You will then be prompted to select any wolf associated with your wallet.