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Chops Utility

Chop's primary utility is that they're used for breeding wolves. It currently takes 3,000 chops to breed a single wolf, but be sure to check the Woolpaper regularly as these rates are subject to change. Chop value is often influenced by two factors: 1) wolf breeding demand and 2) sheep floor price movement against wool. Since chops are directly from sheep energy at a 1:1 ratio, a Gen 0 sheep will always be worth 1,000 chops.

Chops are also hard to create. The average barn requires 27 days of breeding in order to reach a full 750 chop value sheep. Meaning, 108 days of successful sheep breeding to create enough chops to breed one wolf. When wolf breeding meta hits the economy hard, chops will be very difficult to acquire. This means their value against resources and wool could increase dramatically.

There are only two ways to acquire chops: 1) buying through the AMM or 2) burning sheep.

Buying Chops

To buy chops, click on any of the resources located in the top banner. The AMM will open and you can select which resources to trade. A small percentage of resources from each transaction placed in the AMM is used build AMM liquidity.

Burning Sheep

Burning sheep is also an effective way to earn chops. Chops can be burning in-game by clicking on the Sacrifice Sheep button.