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The Verdant Valley is made up of 100 communities where Sheep gather and Wolves loot and steal. Each community produces resources every day, and sheep split those resources amongst themselves. So, the more sheep gather in a community, the few resources a single sheep will gather. The amount of resources in each community varies depending on the makeup of the land: Stone, Water, Wood, Grass.

Resource output is also tied to Silo Levels for each community. Players can contribute to their community silos to increase the production of the entire community. However, Wolves can attack community silos to diminish that resource output back to the base level 1.

Taxes are set by land owners. Every time a sheep collects resources, he pays a tax that gets distributed to all land owners. If a land owner does not collect those taxes within 7 days, those resources are burned instead.

Community Silos

Resources can also be used to upgrade Community Silos. Each Community has 4 levels of silos, which can be upgraded to increase the resource output in that Community. Resource production increases 20% with each silo level upgrade. Silo's resources decay at 1% per week, so over time, you'll need to add more resources to silos in order to maintain a higher output. Also, Wolves can attack silos, incrementally knocking them back to level 1.