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Buy Farmers on Open Sea

Value Proposition

Farmers exist to provide utility. They are flexible and scarce; only 11,738 farmers will ever exist. One of the most important aspects of farmer utility is that they become increasingly valuable as the game scales.

Breeding Protection & Instant Energy

Farmer protection and instant energy boosts are set at fixed amounts, for example a Jane will protect your breed for 2 full days. However, as barn levels increase, the number of days required for a full breed decreases. This means that over time farmers will cover a larger % of the breeding cycle, increasing their value as the game evolves.

Collecting Protection

Protection while collecting allows your sheep to gather without any concern of a wolf attacking. Stacking farmers together in a chain can increase your gathering output exponentially. This is due to the daily multiplier effect explained on the Gathering page. However, beware that a wolf can attack quickly in between the time it takes for you to add your next farmer. Keep an eye out for lurking wolves.

Instant Claim

The instant claim is a great way to finish collecting on a sunny day. Let’s say you’ve spent 20 days gathering 400 water, a Diesel will allow you to instantly add an extra 250 water to that sheep. Just be sure to use the farmer right before you’re ready to claim. Having a fat sheep will attract wolves.

The real power of instant claim comes as into play as the number of sheep collecting in the Valley grows. For example, today a Diesel claim of 250 water is only worth about 16 days of gathering. However, as the game scales, the Instant claim becomes exponentially more valuable. When the farm has 4x the amount of sheep gathering, 1 Diesel action will be worth 65 days of gathering.

1 Diesel Instant Claim vs Days Gathering
Sheep Gathering Days to Reach 250 Water
Sheep Gathering (Aug 2023) 3,712 16
2x current sheep 7,424 32
4x current sheep 14,848 65
10x current sheep 37,120 161

2x Gathering

Farmers offer the ability to increase the sheep production by 2x for a set number of days. Just be mindful, your sheep will also be unprotected if you choose this option. As the number of sheep collecting on the farm grows, each sheep collects fewer resources. This farmer utility will come in handy down the road as your sheep compete for resources.

Tax Multiplier

Farmers offer significant utility for Land owners. Every time a sheep claims in your community, your land earns a portion of their collection. Those taxes are available for claiming up to 7 days after the sheep collects. So, on a sunny week, you may see that your land has collected a lot of taxes from sheep claiming. Sunny weeks are typically great opportunities to use the Tax Multiplier utility.

One advanced strategy is to synchronize your sheep that are collecting in a community where you own land. Claim all your sheep on a sunny day, then use the farmer to tax multiply on your land.


After your farmer action is completed, your farmer will go into a 30 day cooldown before it can be used again. One of the challenges this creates is timing your farmer actions. Timing is everything in Wolf Game, you will need a strategy in place so you can use farmers whenever you need them.

To compensate for timing issues, Shep created The Farmers Market. 👇

The Farmers Market

The Farmers Market allows you to rent your farmer out when you don't need it, and then use that wool to rent a farmer for yourself at the time when you need it most. The farmer rental rates change over time based on the market's demand, so take that into account as you plan your strategy.

Typically, my goal is to break even on farmer rentals. However, I don't mind operating at a small loss because of the timing convenience I receive from this rental model.

Renting Farmers

To rent a farmer, just go to the sheep, barn, or land that you want to add the action to. Then click "Rent Farmer" and select whichever farmer you need.