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Buy Gen 0 & 1 Wolves on Open Sea

Buy Gen 2 Wolves on Open Sea

Value Proposition

It’s called Wolf Game for a reason and the reasons are plentiful. Having a wolf provides many advantages in the game:

  • Advancement + Protection
  • Tax advantages
  • Raiding/Looting/Attacking
  • Risk free breeding
  • Peak credit production

Advancement + Protection

While wolves offer several advantages in the game in regards to their direct utility, Advancement and Protection in the game are often overlooked. By "Advancement" I mean this: Wolf Game is about growing your economic dominance faster than other players. Wolves do exactly that. For example - a wolf can loot in a single day what it would take a sheep 7-10 days to gather, and even more if you find unique angles in the game. If you're playing the long game of structure upgrades and economic dominance, Wolves are absolutely necessary to climb the ranks.

There's also the aspect of leaderboard advancement. Whether you want to climb seasonal leaderboards by converting your wolf energy into Peak Credits to play peak games, or earning LB points through raiding/looting/attacking with higher frequency.

Protection is hard to measure as well. For example, certain whales in the game are left alone while their sheep flourish. This is due to the size of their... wolf pack. Wolves make other players think twice before they break into a barn or decide to loot a sheep.

Tax Advantage

Wolves don't pay taxes. While sheep have to pay the community tax on resources, when a wolf loots a sheep, the taxes are completely ignored. Also, during seasons of high taxation, it can be advantageous to loot your own sheep as a way to avoid taxation as well. However, depending on the cost of wolf energy, this action may or may not be worthwhile.

Raiding Barns

Raiding barns is a great way to harvest chops in bulk or even steal a Gen2 sheep, but this action doesn't come without risk! A failed raid attempt results in losing lots of precious energy. As sheep are breeding in barns, the breeder can decide to protect the barn with a farmer. If a wolf attacks the barn while the farmer is protecting, then the wolf gets nothing, and loses the energy spent on the raid attempt.

If the wolf raid is successful, then a number of things can happen next:

  • If the breeding sheep are still in the breeding phase, the wolf gets chops. The chops amount is tied to breed progress. For example if the breed level is at 250 max energy, then the wolf gets 250 chops.
  • If the breeding sheep are in the nurturing phase, then the Wolf will steal the baby sheep instead of getting chops. However, the wolf has to stay in the barn for 7 days, and is at risk of a higher level wolf breaking into the barn as well. The higher alpha wolf will kick out the lower alpha, and complete the 7 day process. If an Alpha 8 breaks into an unprotected barn, then there is no 7 day waiting period. The steal happens immediately.


Looting is a lower risk play, and can be a great way to collect lots of resources. As sheep gather resources on the farm, they become fatter and fatter. At any point of the collection process, a wolf can walk up to an unprotected sheep and play a mini-game which determines how much of the sheep's resources he gets. It’s also important to know that the wolf does not have to pay taxes on these resources, which has a significant impact on the tax production for land owners. Looting your own sheep can provide a serious tax advantage, which we cover more in the Tax Advantage section below.


Wolves can also attack the defenses of any given community. Community defenses are in place to provide more protection for the gathering and breeding sheep. Communities with high defense means the wolves have to spend more energy to raid barns and loot sheep.


Wolf breeding is the most risk free action in the entire game. 2 wolves can breed in Peak Dens, and the offspring are not at risk of being stolen… yet. There is also significant speculation that wolf pelts will eventually be added to the game, which may be the point at which risk is introduced to the wolf breeding process.

Peak Credit Production

A single wolf is able to produce 50-80x the amount of peak credits from a sheep. However, remember that total peak credit production is tied to the number of peak bathhouses, having 1 peak bathhouse with 1 wolf gives you a significant production advantage over everyone else. As credit demand increases, the total value of wolves also increases. Peak credits are used to play Peak Games, you can think of them like tokens needed to play at your favorite arcade.