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9 May 2024

  • curprev 10:4710:47, 9 May 2024Farmer Piddy talk contribs 2,599 bytes +2,599 Created page with "A Season is a period of time where Wolf Game players accrue points from taking certain actions in the game. Each Season has its own "theme", as the team rolls out new game features and utilities. {| class="wikitable" |+ !# !Theme !Emphasis !Prize Pool !Dates |- |0 |Season of Loyalty |Rewarding OG players |100,000,000 wool |Dec 2022 - Feb 2024 |- |1 |Season of Revelation |Shiny boxes launched. Focus on Gathering. |100,000,000 wool |Feb 2024 - ? |- |2 |''Coming soon''..." Tag: Visual edit