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A Season is a period of time where Wolf Game players accrue points from taking certain actions in the game. Each Season has its own "theme", as the team rolls out new game features and utilities.

# Theme Emphasis Prize Pool Dates
0 Season of Loyalty Rewarding OG players 100,000,000 wool Dec 2022 - Feb 2024
1 Season of Revelation Shiny boxes launched. Focus on Gathering. 100,000,000 wool Feb 2024 - ?
2 Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Leaderboards & Points

Each season has its own leaderboard with a Wool prize pool that is paid out to all players in the form of pouches that drip wool over the course of 4 years. Dripped wool can be "unlocked" from the Wolf Game website. Pouches can be bought and sold on Open Sea. The amount of wool that each player earns in a season is dependent on the amount of points they earn. Actions cost energy in the game, and spending energy earn points. Generally speaking, the more energy you burn through in the game through different actions, the more points you will earn. Points can also be found in Shiny Boxes. At the end of each Season, players points are reset back to 0 before the new season starts.

Wolves are superior to sheep because of their ability to burn through energy and recharge at a much faster rate.

Action Assets
Breeding Sheep, Wolves
Gathering Sheep
Looting Wolves
Sabotaging Wolves
Raiding Wolves
Contributing to Silos Contribute resources (burning them) to community silos.
Playing Peak Wool + Peak Credits. Convert animal energy into peak credits.
Opening Shiny Boxes No asset needed. Buy Shiny boxes with wool.
Bonus Multipliers

As seasons change, bonus multipliers may also change for specific actions. For example, in Season 1, Gathering had a higher bonus multiplier than in Season 0 which gave a stronger bonus for breeding. Bonus multipliers for each season can be viewed on the Wolf Game website.

C0 Leaderboard

Players that own Community 0 land plots (C0) also compete for their own leaderboard, in addition to the Seasons leaderboard. The number of lands + the level of peak they're located on determine the bonus multipliers that are added on top of their regular seasons point totals. The C0 Leaderboard for Season 1 is 15,000,000 wool.