Shiny Boxes

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What are Shiny Boxes and how can you get them?

Shiny boxes can be earned in the game either actively through gathering sheep (or a wolf, if you happen to loot an unprotected sheep and steal his shiny boxes) OR passively through land ownership. Once you have a shiny box, you can choose to either open it to see what’s inside, or sell it on the in-game marketplace. Shiny boxes can contain wool, resources, leaderboard points, gen 2 animals, siphons, fast travel passes, remodels, and a lot more that’s coming soon.

For Sheep Owners

Sheep can find shiny boxes while gathering, but you have to end the collection in order to claim them. Keep this in mind though, the longer your sheep gather, the more likely they are to find shiny boxes. Farmer protection can be a huge help in increasing your odds to get more shiny boxes. It’s also important to know that community selection matters a lot! Communities that have higher silo levels give you better odds for finding shiny boxes. The tradeoff here is that as more sheep gather in a community, the daily gathering rates drop significantly. So in a sense, pursuing shiny boxes can be at odds with pursuing resources if you go too extreme in one direction.

Players can also buy shiny box Detectors for 24 hours. This doubles the chances of your sheep finding a shiny box. Detectors cost is variable, set at 80% of the shiny box market floor. It's important to know that the shiny box production is fixed for the whole farm as well. So if you buy a shiny box detector, it's reducing the chances for other sheep that aren't using detectors.

TOOL TIP - You can use to identify which communities have the highest silo levels and produce the most shiny boxes.

For Land Owners

Land owners can also passively earn shiny boxes as sheep gather in their communities. Once 100 shiny boxes have been discovered in a community, Shep airdrops shiny boxes to landowners in a “raffle” style. As a player, contributing to your community's silos also increases your odds of winning those shiny boxes. The important takeaway here is this - the more sheep you can lure into your community to gather, the faster you will earn shiny boxes as a landowner. Historically speaking, the best way to attract sheep owners is by 1) lowering taxes as much as possible and 2) having higher silo levels to produce more resources. The maximum raffle airdrop is 20 boxes, the sum of all the silo levels (4+4+4+4+4). With each new season, the raffle tickets for contributing to silos resets back to zero. Meaning, if you contribute to silos in Season 1, those contributions do not count toward your raffle tickets in Season 2.

For Wolf Owners

The only way you can get shiny boxes is by looting other sheep. Wolves can also buy Visors at 20% of the shiny box market floor price. Visors give the wolves the ability to see if a sheep has a shiny box, how many, and if a detector has been applied.