The Many Ways to Earn Wool

From Shepherd's Library

The Valley Report - March 7, 2024

The most important update since Full Game launched in December 2022 - Wool and Pelts have been added to the in-game AMM. This completes the game “loop” for players of all sizes, creating many ways to earn wool in the game. Let’s take a look at some of these strategies, as well as a peak of what’s on the horizon…

Resources for Wool (great for small players without structures)

Sheep gather resources in Wolf Game, which can be used for upgrading structures or trading for chops, wool, and pelts. Even if you don’t have a structure to upgrade, you can gather water, stone, grass, and wood to trade to other players who need them. All of this happens in-game, which means gas is no longer an issue for moving from resources to wool with community tools.

When swapping Resources for WOOL, 2.5% of the exchanged Resources are burned, and 2.5% are used for boosting the AMM liquidity. When swapping Wool to Resources, 2.5% of the Wool is used to boost the AMM liquidity and 2.5% is used for a “grander purpose”.

To trade resources with wool, chops, and pelts, just click on any of the resource icons across the top of the screen, then use the AMM to trade to your heart's desire.

Shinies for Wool (great for all players)

In addition to resources, Sheep also find “shinies” in the Valley while gathering. Wolves can steal them from Sheep, and Land owners earn shinies as Sheep gather. For a full breakdown on everything you need to know about Shinies, just read our Valley Report from February here.

Depending on the community you’re gathering in, sheep can earn up to 250 wool per day from gathering resources and shinies, and selling for wool. (these rates will change as the game evolves, and are not meant to be a projection for future rates)

Burn Assets for Wool (great for all players)

In Wolf Game, you can burn Sheep for Chops, Wolves for Pelts, and trade for Wool in-game. This helps our whole ecosystem by providing liquidity in game for assets, in an NFT market where liquidity can be hard to find sometimes.

  • Chops are valuable because they are required for breeding Wolves (currently 3k Chops to breed 1 gen2 Wolf)
  • Pelts are valuable because they are required for upgrading structures to levels 4+

Burning assets also earns points for the Seasons Leaderboard, which rewards players with pouched Wool at the end of each Season.

Seasons Leaderboard (great for peak games players and wolf owners)

The Leaderboard (LB) rewards gameplay with pouched Wool to be won during Seasons. All players who play Wolf Game win Wool on the LB, however the best way to climb the LB is by playing a lot of Peak Games or owning a lot of Wolves.

Any action in the game that spends energy will earn LB points. Since Wolves spend energy at a higher rate and recharge quickly, they are able to earn points faster than Sheep which spend energy slowly in the Valley. The fastest way to earn LB points however, is by playing Summit Peak Games like a degen. The risk is very high, you’ll burn a lot of credits, risk a lot of wool, but you’ll be heavily rewarded for it on the LB.

Renting Structures

If you own a structure, you can earn wool passively by renting to breeders and bathers. Build a barn or den and list it at a competitive price. Build a bathhouse or jughouse and sell that energy to Valley players.

Renting Farmers

As the Valley activity has heated up, Sheep are earning a lot of Wool. Protection has come at a high cost through the Farmers Market. If you own farmers, you can rent them out to other players that need protection for their gathering or breeding Sheep. In addition to protection, Farmers allow you to instantly claim resources. For example, a Joe farmer can claim 200 stone, which can be traded for roughly 1,000 wool at current rates. This instant claim > wool conversion will have an impact on farmer floor pricing.

However, protection demand can impact the floor price significantly as well. Most likely, whichever farmer action is providing the highest EV play, will likely be the action that sets the floor pricing for the farmers market.

The Complete Game Loop (Breeding)

Breeders are playing Wolf Game to the max, and the rewards have been very lucrative. Let’s take a look at a case study from Piddy Farms…

For the first full year of Full Game, I focussed on breeding, and I didn’t own structures. My expenses for breeding came to about 8-10k Wool per gen2 Sheep. A sheep with 600 energy is worth roughly 15,000 Wool based on the conversion of Chops to Wool. The sheep can also gather resources which are worth about 30-40 wool per day depending on your community. In addition to resources, you can sell the shiny boxes on the market for 400-500 wool. Each sheep finds about .35 shinies a day, but this varies depending on community. In total, a single gen2 sheep earns about 200 wool per day, and then you can butcher them and sell for Wool when they run out of energy, or recharge and keep generating Wool in the game.

A gen 2 sheep at 600 energy costs less than 10k wool to create and will generate 35-50k wool in a single lifespan before requiring a recharge. In March, my flock of 38 sheep is on pace to generate 200k Wool. This complete game loop allows you to create a thriving farm that pays for itself, and generates a lot of in-game assets that can be used, burned, or traded for wool. It's hard to project the exact lifetime value of a sheep because it can be used in so many ways, but my estimates for the sheep I'm breeding is roughly a 5-6x return on the initial Wool investment. This projection doesn't consider the fact that the Team will continue to make our assets generate more value in the game, so this projection could the "floor" scenario.

Remember however, breeding comes with risk. The amount of protection that you apply to the breed can change the cost significantly.

What’s Next?

There’s a lot more coming to the Valley, in Season 1 and Season 2 on the horizon. Gooze has hinted at Structures competing for a wool drip, more exciting shinies coming into the mix, a marketplace for selling opened shiny items, and more ways to earn wool… If you’re new to Wolf Game, I recommend browsing Shep’s Library for all the information you need to get headed in the right direction and start earning Wool today.

Happy gaming, everyone.

- Piddy