Valley Report - 1.23.24

From Shepherd's Library

The Woolcano

The long awaited Wolf Game Leaderboard is finally live. The inaugural Season, called “Season of Loyalty”, was designed specifically to reward Wolf Game’s most loyal community members. Since Full Game launched in December 2022, players have spent energy, risked wool, and carried Wolf Game Valley and Peak on their backs.

Within the next few weeks, 100M pouched wool will be distributed to all players, from the biggest whales to the smallest minnows. Here’s everything you need to know about the Leaderboard, what it means for your assets, and a glimpse of what’s coming next.


The LB is centered on points and pays out wool prizes in the form of pouches. You can earn points by risking energy and wool. So which assets burn energy the fastest based on Gen0 + recharge rates?

  • Wolves (10,000 energy per month) *changes based on alpha level
  • Sheep (1,000 energy per month)

Climbing the LB will be easier for Wolf holders, due to the amount of peak credits they produce, the amount of energy they spend on attacks and loots, and how fast they can recharge in Peak baths. IOW, wolves rack up points a lot faster than sheep. As the saying goes, it’s called Wolf Game for a reason.

Bonus multipliers are assigned to different actions as well, so not all energy spent is equal. The most efficient actions are:

  • Playing peak games, especially Summit for 6,000 pts
  • Sabotaging silos - 6 pts per 1 energy spent
  • Looting sheep - 6 pts per 1 energy spent

So how do actions translate into Wool on the leaderboard? If I depleted my wolf energy by sabotaging today I would earn 7,200 points, and climb the leaderboard about 8 spots, which would grow my potential pouch by 9k wool. The big takeaway here is even with Season 0 coming to a close soon, you can still climb the rankings pretty aggressively depending on your action.

What's Next?

With the LB now in place, wolves are much more likely to wreak havoc on the farm, and Peak game activity is about to increase dramatically. The downstream effects of this are enormous, here's just a few:

  • Peak credits are going to burn... a lot. By far, the fastest way to climb the LB is to play Peak Games, especially on the Summit. When a season is coming to a close and credits start drying up, the top LB players will pay a premium to stay competitive.
  • Wolf looting/raiding/sabotaging are about to increase, dramatically. Wolf owners are now playing for much bigger prizes. The EV has changed dramatically, and they will need to spend every drop of energy they have either through credits or attacking the farm.
  • Sheep owners, breeding is about to get a lot harder. Gathering rates are going to drop. You will absolutely need farmers to get an edge on the farm through breeding protection but also instant resources and gathering protection.
  • Land owners, although you don't spend energy in the game to climb the LB, your resource output doesn't decrease as more sheep gather. With resource value going up and daily rates dropping, land is about to close the gap on resource production compared to sheep.
  • Farmers, the game difficulty is ratcheting up. Wolves are looting in the 10-20 chops range, while barns are getting broken into left and right. And with what the team has planned, this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Breeding and collecting longer will earn you more points, and that’s going to be next to impossible without using farmers effectively.

A little speculation (NOT Farm Hands Counsil alpha)

We know that the Season of Loyalty is expected to close any day now, and Season 1 will commence. We’ve had recent tweets with hints of shinies, new structure upgrades, pelts, and even today the Shopkeeper mysteriously showed up near the center of community maps.

When clicked on, the Shopkeeper drops a little alpha. It appears that he involves burning Wool and he’s very interested in stranded Sheep. Over the last several months, a number of OG community members have come forward asking for global Jugs to help with stranded animals as well as creating a more efficient energy market. It seems like the Shopkeeper is also interested in helping those stranded sheep, especially with Season 1 right around the corner. Players will need to recharge a lot of sheep to compete for the 100M Wool up for grabs, or possibly other prizes.

It may be wise to take advantage of open bathhouses and jugs before that realization hits home for everyone. You won’t want to be spending precious time in Season 1 recharging animals when you could have done it beforehand. There is so much potential for what Season 1 could bring. Prepare accordingly.

Community Tool Update has recently added Barn data into their tool which allows you to see the estimated energy/chop level of the breed, as well as how much energy it costs to attack. If you’re looking to raid barns, this tool can be immensely helpful in identifying which barns to target, based on your own strategy.