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Wool is the precious resource that's used all throughout the farm.

Breeding Breeding sheep/wolves costs a base wool fee + the structure fee set by the barn or den owner.
Bathing Bathing sheep/wolves costs a bae wool fee + the structure fee set by the bath or jug owner.
Structure Upgrades Upgrading to higher level structures costs wool + additional resources. Levels 4+ costs change depending on supply and demand dynamics.
Renting Farmers You can rent farmers from the Farmers Market in game. These fees are set by the Farmer owners when they choose to rent out their farmers.
Box Detectors Box detectors increase your chances to find shinies (2x) and can be bought with wool. This fee is priced at 60% of the shiny box market floor.
Shiny Visors Shiny Visors help wolves see if a gathering sheep has shiny boxes, how many boxes it has found, and if it has a box detector applied. This fee is priced at 25% of the shiny box market floor.
Shiny Boxes Buy shiny boxes on the open market. Shiny box contents include resources, wool, leaderboard points, siphons, farmer uses, plumb juice, and more.
Governance Use your wool to vote on game changes and impact the economy. This can be done at The Meeting House.
Playing Peak Games Wager your wool at Peak in pvp mini-games of skill. Climb the Seasonal Leaderboards to earn pouched wool.
Trading Trade wool for resources in the AMM.
Staking Coming soon...


Max Supply & Burning

There will only ever be 5 billion wool, and wool is inherently deflationary. In game burns happen when players spend wool. Here's a brief overview of all the in-game actions that burn wool:

  • Upgrading structures
  • Breeding Sheep/Wolves
  • Bathing Sheep/Wolves
  • Buying jugs (incremental energy)
  • Using farmers
  • Renting farmers
  • Buying/Selling shiny boxes
  • Playing peak games
  • Trading wool/resources in the AMM

Wool Pouches are rewarded to players competing each season. Pouches are tradable NFTs that drip wool over a 4 year timeframe. For example, if you win a 100,000 wool pouch in Season 1, it will drip 68 wool per day. To unlock the wool, go to the official Wolf Game website, connect your wallet, and claim your rewards.

Seasonal rewards come from 2 different places: 1) the community rewards pool and 2) a percentage of wool spent in game from the actions listed above. Essentially, wool spent on the farm that isn't burned is recirculated into the economy in the form of pouches, rewarded to any player who spends energy in the game.

Earning Wool

There are many ways to earn wool. For a complete breakdown of each of these strategies below, please read The Valley Report: The Many Ways to Earn Wool.

  • Trade resources for wool
  • Sell and/or open shinies
  • Burn assets
  • Seasons Leaderboard
  • Renting Structures
  • Renting Farmers
  • Breeding